Operation steps of flat bag vacuum packaging machine

product description:

The flat bag vacuum packaging machine is divided into semi-automatic dry and wet dual-purpose type. The safety filter device can vacuum seal liquid and a small amount of powder items; stainless steel air nozzle is suitable for general plastic bags, composite food bags, aluminum foil bags and other plastic bags. Widely used in food, medicine, electronics and other industries.
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Step method:

1. Divide the bag and place the mouth of the bag in the sealing groove

2. Press both sides of the upper cover of the machine at the same time, and it is fastened when you hear a “click” sound

3. Adjust the mode according to different ingredients, click “Vacuum Sealing”, the indicator light is on, the machine will automatically pump air and seal

4. When the indicator light goes out, press the unlocking buckles on both sides of the machine at the same time to complete the operation
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Post time: Aug-23-2022