You've probably seen this a lot in the last two years, and when you talk about Sous Vide with your boss / diner / coworker / colleague / colleague, their response is

10 questions to help you cook at low temperature

Well, I don't blame them. Just show them this next time

Question 1: What is Sous Vide? What's so great about low-temperature cooking?

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Instead of frying and stir-frying, the fat-relieving method involves heating food in a heat-resistant vacuum bag over water at a constant temperature. With the help of machines, even people who can't cook can easily control the degree of ripeness of food, especially steak. In addition, low-temperature cooking can also let the nutrition and taste of the food itself locked inside, will not be because of high-temperature cooking and loss.

Question 2: Do you need a lot of tools for your diet?

Strictly speaking, the main tool for low-temperature cooking is the fertilizer machine which can precisely control the temperature of the water bath. And vacuum machine or vacuum bag is not a necessary tool, because through other ways can achieve the heat-resistant bag air exhaust effect.

Question 3: Does not the plastic clamp chain bag produce harmful substance after meeting the temperature?


Low-temperature cooking must be kept below 90 degrees, usually between 55 and 70 degrees, so pay attention to the heat-resistant temperature when buying vacuum bags or ziplock bags.

Question 4: Can the rice cooker replace the fertilizer machine?

On the network many use the electric cooker to replace the fat machine teaching article, but must make clear several things. Shufei machine itself has the role of temperature control, to respond to different food materials used by different temperatures. If the use of rice cooker insulation function to do Shu Fei law, will face the dilemma of unable to adjust the temperature, so can only cook one kind of food, and different models, brands of rice cooker, temperature is not the same, implementation will be limited.

Question 5: Is it troublesome and time-consuming to cook at low temperature?

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Fat can be said to be lazy way of cooking, the need to deal with very few things, as long as the food into a vacuum bag, and then put into the fat machine on the completion of the follow-up to the machine. But the biggest problem with the Diet is that it takes a long time for the food to mature.

Question 6: How does the food taste when it is cooked at low temperature by Shu Fei method?

The birth of sous vide method is closely related to steak, in order to effectively control the maturity of steak. In order to improve the Brown on the outside and the immature on the inside, the Shu Fei method has become the best way to cook thick steak. The best thing about low temperature cooking is that the thick meat can be heated evenly from the outside to the inside.

Question 7: Cold cooking sounds undercooked. Is it really edible?

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In general, the standard for cooked food is 100 °C, and 100 °C inside and outside. As a matter of fact, there are many traditional Chinese dishes, which do not necessarily reach the "traditional level of cooked food" . For example: Drunk Chicken in the production, in order to maintain the best taste, most of the practice is boiling water bubble cooked, boiled meat under a few minutes off the fire, the use of residual heat slowly let the internal mature, so the meat near the bone is usually a little pink. In addition, the japanese-style pork chop, which is often eaten, is first fried at low temperature and then deep-fried at high temperature. The remaining temperature enables the pork to reach 8-minute cooked, in order to present the effect of soft and juicy inside the crisp. low-temperature cooking uses long-time low-temperature heating to sterilize the food, reach the safe and practical range, even if it does not reach 100 °C can be safe to eat.

Question 8: How do you reheat a steak cooked at low temperature after it has been chilled?

Low-temperature cooking is a great way to plan a batch of foods, cooking 5 steaks at a time and eating them slowly is a great way to save time. Of course, the steak must be hot to eat delicious, so the method of reheating is very important, if you use 56 °c fat good steak, put it in cold storage, before serving, take the steak from the refrigerator and put it in 50 °C hot water (you can heat it with a fat-relieving machine) . When it doesn't feel cold, prepare a hot pan. Then fry the steak on both sides until it is colored and fragrant and ready to eat.

Question 9: Is the low temperature cooking method suitable only for meat?

In terms of fat-comfort properties, it's perfect for meat! Especially very thick or tendon more parts, with a long time constant temperature heating, you can easily tame the hard parts. In addition, other protein-based ingredients such as egg-based sauces (custard, French Marinara) and desserts (pudding, soufflé) are also good candidates for fat comfort, saving time can also reduce error rates, and other foods or recipes that need to be simmered for long periods of time can also be cooked at low temperatures.

Question 10: Do Fat Relief Opportunities Consume a lot of electricity?

Low-temperature cookers use most of their power during the heating phase, with very low power consumption during warming and standby. If you can reduce water vapor diffusion during low-temperature cooking, the power consumption is extremely low.

Post time: Oct-18-2021