Sous vide steak

Frying and grilling steak is not easy to master and requires experience. Moreover, when the fire is controlled, the taste of fried and roasted products is completely different from that of low-temperature slow cooking after vacuuming. How do you describe the taste of the steak made in this way? The first bite is tender and soft, and it doesn’t even feel like eating beef. Because the steak is simply salted with salt and black pepper in advance, the seasoning and steak are fully integrated in the vacuum sealed bag during the whole slow cooking process, and it tastes very delicious. After slow cooking at low temperature, fry it quickly in the pan, sealing all the juices of the steak. The surface also brings some burnt fragrance due to Maillard reaction, and the fat part is not tired. Listen to me, you must try!

Step 1

Sous Vide steak1

Fill the temperature controlled slow cooker with water, adjust it to 55 degrees, and set aside to let it heat up by itself.

Step 2

Sous Vide steak2

I’ll handle the steak at this time. Sprinkle salt and black pepper on both sides of the steak

Step 3

Sous Vide steak3

Put a sprig of rosemary on the steak to increase the aroma, and put the steak and rosemary into the bag together for vacuuming.

Step 4

Sous Vide steak4

Use a vacuum extractor to remove the air from the bag

Step 5

Sous Vide steak5

Put the steak into the temperature controlled slow cooker and cook it at 55 degrees for 45 minutes

Step 6

Sous Vide steak6

After 45 minutes, take the beef out of the water, cut open the vacuum bag, and take out the steak.

Step 7

Sous Vide steak7

Put into a hot pan, fry both sides for 1 minute, and take out

Step 8

Sous Vide steak8

be accomplished

Tips for sous vide steak

Post time: Oct-18-2022