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In fact, it's just a more professional expression of slow cooking dish. It can also be called sousvide. And it is one of the main technologies of molecular cooking. In order to better retain the moisture and nutrition of food materials, the food is packaged in a vacuum way, and then cooked slowly with a low-temperature cooking machine. The low temperature here is not below zero as our common sense thinks, but in a relatively suitable temperature range.

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When we put the food into the low-temperature cooking machine, set and maintain the target temperature, when the food reaches the set temperature and time, take it out and carry out other cooking processes, this is the low-temperature cooking technology.


What are the equipments needed for low temperature cooking technology?

n a simple way, two kinds of equipment are needed, namely vacuum compression sealing machine and low temperature feeder.

Vacuum compression sealing machine is used to extract air in fixed space to keep the object in vacuum state for storage. In the kitchen, it is often used for the preservation of raw materials. When using low temperature cooking technology, vacuum compression packaging machine is used to uniformly fit every surface of food on the vacuum compression bag, and cook it with this medium.

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Vacuum packaging compressor vacuum degree adjustment is also exquisite, in different pressure, different time can achieve different vacuum state. Generally speaking, for meat, poultry and other low-temperature cooking, pumping to a medium vacuum state. For vegetables and fruits (such as carrots, onions, cauliflower, corn, potatoes, pumpkins, apples, pears, pineapples, cherries, etc.), it is necessary to extract them to a high vacuum state.

The main principle of low temperature cooking machine is that it can control the temperature for a long time, so as to achieve the effect. Generally, the temperature setting should be between 20 ℃ and 99 ℃, and the temperature control range should be accurate to 1 ℃. The quality of low-temperature cooking machine must be reliable, and the control performance is stable, in order to ensure the consistency of each cooking result.

How to set time and temperature by using low temperature cooking technology?

The temperature and time setting of the low temperature food machine should not be mistaken. The slow cooking process does not mean cooking food at lower temperature and longer time. Because the low temperature can not be sterilized, there are hidden dangers of food safety, and it will produce fatal effects. It is necessary to know that the ideal temperature for bacteria survival and reproduction is 4-65 ℃.

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Therefore, when using low-temperature cooking technology, in principle, the temperature should be ≥ 65 ℃, the minimum should not be less than 50 ℃, and the best should not be more than 70 ℃, so as to avoid water loss and taste loss. For example, hot spring eggs can be cooked with a low-temperature cooking machine, and the temperature can be controlled at 65 ℃ to obtain excellent taste (the protein is as soft and tender as tofu, and the yolk is as smooth as pudding). Moreover, the eggshell is provided with a sealed and isolated medium, which does not need vacuum compression.

Warm tips: under the application of low-temperature cooking technology, different meats have different maturity requirements and states, and the required temperature is also different. It can be set according to different maturity requirements. For example, beef, when the target temperature is 54 ℃, 62 ℃ and 71 ℃, can reach three states: three, five and fully cooked.


However, different foods require different temperatures and times. Most of the ingredients can be ready in 30 minutes. However, in some special cases, food may need to be cooked for 12 hours, 24 hours or even longer.

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Generally speaking, the length of time required for low-temperature cooking is related to the following three factors: (1) the total amount of food cooked at a time; (2) Heat transfer characteristics of food itself; (3) The core temperature you want to reach. For example, the cooking time of meat is related to the size and thickness of the meat. The thicker the material is, the longer it takes for the heat to penetrate into the center. Vegetables with uneven surface may take longer.

The vacuum compression of meat (such as steak) and other food materials needs to be processed first. It is best to pack according to the specifications of each piece. The setting of time and temperature can be more accurate and scientific. For example, use a low-temperature cooking machine to cook lamb chops for 30 minutes and salmon for 10 minutes.

What are the characteristics of low temperature cooking technology? Compared with traditional cooking methods, what are the obvious advantages?

Obviously, the result of low-temperature cooking technology cannot be achieved by traditional cooking methods. It can retain the original color of food as much as possible, and retain the original flavor and fragrance of spices to the greatest extent. Even ordinary meat can greatly improve the taste and flavor.

Low temperature cooking can separate the raw juice and water of food, so as to realize no loss of food nutrients and minimize the loss of weight, so as to effectively control the weight of each finished product.

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The application of low-temperature cooking technology does not need special technical requirements, everyone in the kitchen can operate, and can get ideal results.

Warm tips: if the traditional method is used to treat the steak, the surface maturity and internal maturity of the steak are very different, and in the process of frying, the original juice in the steak will continue to overflow. However, experienced chefs will fry the surface of the steak until it is slightly yellow, lock the juice, and then put it into the oven for baking, which will greatly improve the flavor of the steak, but the locking juice may not be so perfect.

Is low temperature cooking widely used?

In a closed environment, the food will be more effective. In such a state, all the cooking materials are obviously tender and juicy. Such as eggs, meat, poultry, seafood, fish, vegetables, fruits and so on.

The application of low temperature cooking technology in meat and seafood is very outstanding. It can maintain the high protein content of food, and the color of food materials is very good, and the taste is also very fresh and tender.

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The dependence of low-temperature cooking on salt and oil is greatly reduced, even can not be used, can reduce the kitchen fume pollution.

It is more energy-saving than oven and gas stove, and more able to retain the vitamin composition of food than steaming and cooking. Moreover, the results of each cooking can be highly consistent without gradient change.

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When using low-temperature cooking technology to cook vegetables, adding a little butter can make the color of vegetables more bright and taste better.

Note: before vacuum low-temperature cooking, the food should be refrigerated in the refrigerator (the refrigeration temperature should be lower than 4 ℃), and the food after vacuum low-temperature cooking should be frozen if it is not used for a short time.

What's more, the application of low-temperature cooking technology improves the working efficiency of the kitchen. Chefs have more time to prepare, and many preparation processes can be done in advance. Moreover, different foods have separate vacuum sealed packaging, and can be cooked at the same time under the condition of the same target temperature.

In addition, because the low-temperature processed food can be refrigerated and frozen, it can be heated again when necessary, and the unused food can be refrigerated, which avoids waste to the greatest extent.

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Before we put the food into the vacuum compressor, we need to deal with the food, such as curing, adding spices. However, in the process of low-temperature cooking, the flavor of food materials and spices is stronger, so it is not recommended to add excessive spices. The high concentration of alcohol seasoning is not suitable, it will destroy the protein composition of meat ingredients, making the taste and taste of meat significantly decline.

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What about?

It sounds like the high-pressure low temperature cooking technology, in fact, it is not very cold and complicated at all. As long as we have a correct grasp of the characteristics of each food material and the taste flavor we want to obtain, set the temperature and time correctly, scientifically apply vacuum packaging compressor and low temperature machine, even a very common steak can obtain a good taste, This is the magic of slow cooking at low temperature.


• No hot vertigo,

• No nightmares of lampblack,

• There is no constant noise,

• There was no rush.

• Low temperature cooking,

• All delicacies need time to cultivate, accumulate and bloom,

• Every dish cooked at low temperature can create a magical experience of the whole sense.

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