CTO5OVS09 Sealing Machine of Vacuum Packaging Machine

Short Description:

Product model: CTO5OVS09

Rated voltage: AC 220~240V

Rated power: 95W

Vacuum strength: -55 ~-60 kPa

Pumping speed: 3.8L/ min

Sealing width: 3.0 mm

Bag width: ≤30cm

Material: ABS

Dimensions: 370*85*48mm

Product Detail

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VS09 (1)

Outstanding strength of eight functions

• One-key automatic vacuum

• Separate seal

• Wet-dry switching

• External air extraction

• Multiple bags work at the same time

• Flexible manual vacuum

• Continuous sealing

• Safety protection

Dry & moist food modes

Which can provide your food with best possible preservation based on the different types of food.

VS09 (6)

Preserve your various daily food
Keeps food fresh up to 8 times longer

VS09 (7)
VS09 (8)
VS09 (9)

Vortex vacuum channel

More powerful suction almost removes all the air to maintain the quality and extend the freshness of foods extremely

VS09 (10)
VS09 (11)

Easy to use and one minute seal

1. Open appliance lid and place one end of the bag to cover sealing strip

2. Lock the lid, press "Seal" button and finish seal

3. Put food into bag and place the end of bag into vacuum channel

4. Lock the lid, select correct "Food modes" and press "Vac seal"

Vacuum fresh-keeping is easy to operate with one button, snack milk can be sealed separately, vacuum bag / lunch box / storage box are applicable, strong suction is about 50kPa, 30cm long sealing multiple bags work at the same time, fashionable appearance, small and simple, high color value, and customized logo can be made

Why vacuum preservation is needed?

Ordinary storage: short preservation period and easy to change taste.

Vacuum storage: reduce meat oxidation and retain meat taste.

Note: the moldy rot and deterioration of food is mainly caused by the activities of microorganisms, and most microorganisms need oxygen for survival. Vacuum preservation lies in blocking oxygen.

Using the vacuum sealing machine, in the vacuum sealing state, it blocks the air, lasts longer than ordinary storage and preservation, and can delay the food preservation period, so as to realize the long-lasting preservation under low oxygen and negative pressure and ensure your quality of life.

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