Sous Vide Container With Lid

Short Description:

Temperature range: -40℃ ~ 100℃

Size: 325×265×200mm

Opening size of SUE VIDE: 90×60mm

Capacity: 11 Liters

Material: PC

Certificate: LFGB & FDA approval

Product Detail

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Sous Vide container (8)

Energy-saving heat insulation

Food grade PC material, which does not soften when heated, and has lower thermal conductivity, can greatly reduce heat loss and prevent water evaporation during long-term slow cooking.

Sous Vide container (9)

Scale marks

With unit identification, convenient and accurate water quantity. 

Sous Vide container (2)

Opening of box cover

With a size of 66*90mm, it is suitable for various slow boilers. 

Sous Vide container (5)

High light transmittance

The light transmittance is close to that of glass, which is beautiful and generous, and is convenient to observe the slow cooking process at any time. 

Sous Vide container (10)

Bottom frosted design

It is not easy to slip on the  wet desktop. 

Sous Vide container (4)

Box cover handle groove

It is more convenient to take it at hand. 

Sous Vide container (11)

Widen the smooth curved edge

Even if it holds more weight, it can be taken comfortably.

Sous vide container with lid with three optional capacities

6 liters: suitable for home use, can cook about 1-4 pieces of steak at a time.

11 liters: suitable for home use, can cook about 1-7 pieces of cowhide at a time.

22 liters:  suitable for commercial use, can cook about 1-15 steaks at a time.

All three water tanks have covers, and the opening size is 66 * 90mm, which is generally used in most machine slow cooking machines

The water tank is a high quality PC material. It has the characteristics of high transparency, light weight, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, inflammable and anti-aging. It is a high-tech, comprehensive function, excellent energy saving and environmental protection type plastic.

Energy saving, environmental protection and heat insulation: the lower thermal conductivity of PC material can greatly reduce heat loss and prevent water evaporation during slow cooking for a long time, and, It is better to match with stainless steel steak rack and isolation rack.

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